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WebStory Engine

WebStory Engine is an engine that lets you easily create your own web-based visual novels and story-based games. WebStories are written using an easy-to-learn language that does not require you to be a programmer. Despite its beginner friendly nature, the engine makes it possible to develop pretty sophisticated games, too, if that's what you want.

Click below to see a short and rude introduction to the engine:

Of course, you are not restricted to use the engine for developing games. You could also easily use it to build things like presentations or interactive tutorials.

WebStory Engine is free and open source software licensed under a permissive license that allows you to use it for commercial products as well.

Get Version 2015.12.1 here now!

Need help? Check out the Support Forum or write to!

See the News Page for news regarding the engine and this wiki.

Please read the editing guidelines before contributing to this wiki - thanks!

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